Mage #7

Welcome to Earth. The year is 2015. The world is bleak and the last 8 years have been difficult to adapt to. There was an attempted Nuclear strike but the missiles never got off the ground. At that point everything changed, the world was in an uproar, talks of invasion and terrorist strikes flooded every conversation and were everywhere in the media.

Everything happened so fast, first there was the cancellation of the 2008 Presidential Election. The truth as to how this was allowed to happen is another story but lets just say President Bush canceled the election and was backed by the military. Within one month of the the cancellation other changes started. Marshall Law and a curfew were enacted. It was announced that several European countries were now joining the under the president and they were simply called the Nation. Any countries that did not join the Nation were immediately occupied by forces from other members of the Nation. People who openly opposed the changes began to disappear [1]. It all happened very quickly and was very well coordinated. Too well coordinated to have happened by chance and how could it? There must be more to it, there must have been years of planning, but how could that be?

After the initial onset of these changes things began to settle. While circumstances were not improving at least the ‘brute squads’ had less work to do as people began to accept the changes and fall into a routine. You probably have a job working at some government facility as almost all jobs are at government facilities these days, at least any of the jobs that pay well enough to make a living, if you can call it that. Freedom is lost, and almost everything looks hopeless. One of the occupied countries attempted to launch a nuclear strike yet the missiles were detonated before getting off the ground. At least that’s the word on the street, names and details were never released because the media works for the government so nothing can ever be confirmed. After the word of the strike though the ‘squads’ were out in force, nearly confirming the truth. Fear is the name of the game and a way of life now.

Everything is incredibly costly. Work is hard, either labor, computer or medical jobs. Everything is taxed while state governments are merely direct extensions of the Nation.

You don’t own a car, who can afford one with gas prices at $87.00 a gallon, only the military. So you trudge home, every night. That’s when everything changes. A large man bumps into you in the street, and you feel almost faint as you here the soft words ‘fate surrender’ and something like a crackling of energy the courses through you. That’s when the nightmare truly begins.

[1] Those who disappeared were taken to supposed underground prisons to determine what is to be done with them

Mage #7